Thursday, December 10, 2015

Good Bye London, Hello Glasgow!

Turns out London is not my cup of tea. The last 11 months of my life have literally been the worst and I will be thoroughly glad when this year is over.

So, given the past 11 months in London were completely boggins, I’ve moved to Scotland which has always been my end game. I have a bigger kitchen now than at any of the places I lived in London, and given the deliciously colder weather, there's a lot of comfort food to be made and enjoyed.

My first recipe will probably be Mulled Wine, FYI.

All of that aside, I’m slowly updating the format and feel  of the blog, and once that is complete will be regularly updating with recipes again. There will also be a shift in tone of the blog to better represent my true personality because I think the few people that read this blog can handle it.

Stay tuned…