Saturday, July 26, 2014

Super Simple Detox Juice with Watermelon & Lemon

Juicing can be scary when most juices request at least a half a dozen different ingredients and pieces of equipment. This juice required two ingredients, and one piece of equipment.

Watermelon, lemon and a blender.

Watermelon and lemon are most probably the most complete detoxing fruits you can consume, so why add a dozen others when these two will do?

The small amount of lemon cuts through the sweetness of the watermelon to create a really delightful balance of flavours, and you can then add a bevy of other nutritional supplements without fear of them ruining the taste. I add dietary fibre, apple cider vinegar, gelatine, glutamine and molasses. All of these ingredients have added health benefits, and thanks to this juice can’t be tasted so it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Let me know in the comments of you want to know why I add these, or the quantities I add them.

This recipe is enough juice for 2 people, though I make it in half amounts.

What Will I Need?
1/4 watermelon, diced
1/2 lemon

What Now?
1. Add watermelon and lemon to a blender (add any other supplements at this time)

2. Blitz for about 30 seconds or until smooth.

3. Drink up!