Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Crostini

The next of my Christmas treats, perfect for entertaining the masses!

Like all bruschetta and crostini, these aren’t really exact recipes, but loose guidelines to create some simple starters that pack a punch when it comes to flavours. Although it may seem odd to add fresh tomato to a goats cheese and cured meat crostini, you need this freshness hit to balance out the strong flavour. Similarly, the capers balance out the subtle flavours of smoked salmon and cream cheese, adding small bursts of flavour that create a beautiful compliment to the others.
Bresaola is cured Italian beef available at most delicatessens. Ask for it to be thinly sliced as it has a very strong flavour. Although 50g may not sound like a lot, with this speciality it’s actually quite a substantial amount.
I first discovered Boursin when I was in my early twenties and a vegetarian as it was completely rennet free, and therefore vegetarian friendly. It has since become one of my favourite cheese for its strong goats-milk flavour with the perfect hint of garlic.
When buying cream cheese I do advise to be careful – I know here in Australia one brand of cream cheese is unusually sweet and it ruins everything it touches. I always stick with Philadelphia, as this is one of those time time when buying generic really does affect the flavour.

Boursin, Bresaola & Fresh Tomato Crostini

What Will I Need?

half a box of crostini bites
half a wheel of garlic boursin
50g thinly sliced bresaola
2 fresh roma tomatoes
salt and pepper

What Now?

1.         Spread a generous amount of boursin onto the crostini.

2.         Top each crostini with a half slice of bresaola.
3.         Cut the tomatoes into quarters, lengthwise, and then slice 2-3mm thick. Place the tomato over the bresaola.
4.         Sprinkle salt and pepper over the tomato and then serve.

Cream Cheese, Salmon & Caper Crostini

What Will I Need?
half a box of crostini bites
half a tub of cream cheese
100g smoked salmon, sliced
2 tbs capers
extra virgin olive oil

What Now?

1.         Spread a generous amount of cream cheese onto the crostini.
2.         Divide the salmon amongst the crostini.
3.         Top the salmon with 3-4 capers.

4.         Drizzle with EVOO and then serve.