Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Coloured Sugar

In the world of cake and cupcake decorating, coloured sugar is right up there with sprinkles and fondant flowers. However, the colours can be quite limited and so I decided to make some for myself – it is incredibly simple and although not a recipe, per se, it’s a great trick to know when prettying up your baked goods!

My only caution with this recipe is that it is easy to make the sugar too moist (something you will notice visually). If this happens, just add more sugar and shake/fork through until it is once again granular and off a sugary consistency!

What Will I Need?

white sugar (not caster)
food colouring (any colour)
jar with tight lid
a fork

What Now?

1.      Fill the jar ¾ full with sugar.

2.      Add 1-2 drops of colouring.

3.      Shake vigorously until the colouring is distributed throughout he sugar. Use  fork, if necessary, to help break mix it through the sugar.

4.       Add additional colouring (for a more vibrant colour) or sugar (if the sugar looks damp or moist) until the colour wanted is achieved and the sugar is still granular.