Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spicy Chicken Schnitzel

I must confess, whenever I cook a new recipe I furrow and fret in the kitchen, hovering over the stove or past the oven, waiting until the final moments when it should be cooked to see if it is cooked and if it tastes as devine as the recipesaid it would. We all do it and we should never have to apologise for being concerned about what we cook, even if it means we're pacing back and forth the length of the kitchen.

However, this kind of anxiety every single night is in no way healthy, nor does it make a happy cook, and so I have a large array of standby or standard recipes I always return to for the nights where experimentation is best left to scientist and evil villains alike.

Schnitzel is one such meal that is so easy it is quite likely the least stressful (although messiest) meal in my back catalogue. The great thing about schnitzel is the fact it’s also very easy to change up a little, to add new flavours or twists to turn something old into something new, and that is how one  night when I had chicken out, but wanted something slightly more Tex-Mex, my Spicy Chicken Schnitzel came into being!

What will I need?

500g chicken breast, filleted
¼ cup parmesan cheese
¼ cup polenta
1 egg
¼ tsp Tabasco sauce

What now?

1.       Using a meat tenderiser, mallet, rolling pin, or big heavby spoon, beat up the chicken fillets until flat or at least a standard thickness all around.

2.       Whisk the egg briefly and mix in tobacco sauce in a small bowl.

3.        Mix Parmesan and Polenta in a large, shallow bowl.

4.      Dunk your chicken fillets firstly into the egg mixture, then coat in the polenta mixture and set aside. If you run out of the polenta/parmesan mix, just add a little more of each til all your chicken has a beautiful crumbly vivid yellow coating.

5.       In a fry pan, heat oil over a high heat – and you need a few millimetres depth of oil here to ensure the polenta goes nice and golden.

6.       Once the oil is heated, cook the chicken for a few minutes on each side – the chicken will be ready when the polenta has gone a wonderful golden colour.

7.       Serve up with a bit of tomato salsa on the side and maybe even some potato wedges.